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Physical Security

Protect all of your organization’s assets from unauthorized access or from physical actions that could cause damage or serious loss. Two main major components should are considered essential for an effective physical security strategy. using access control and video surveillance.

Access Control Solutions

Control your customers, employees, and visitors’ access to special areas within your physical organization and restrict access to only those with authorization to enter

Biometric Readers

Biometric security systems are used for a wide variety of purposes - such as attendance, and tracking the authentication process.

Face Recognition

Improve the safety and security of your organization using AI technology with a specific algorithm to identify someone by their unique face print

Time Attendance

Help HR department to track and optimize the hours that employees spend on the job and keep records of wages and salaries paid.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems allow you to monitor your business 24/7. This can be done from a computer, cell phone, or tablet and can also be viewed remotely from anywhere
in the world.

People Counting

keep an accurate count of visitors as they enter and leave an area. Using real-time occupancy.

Thermal Cams

Capture images based solely on the heat radiating from people and objects This means they can see a clear outline of a potential threat, no matter how poor the visibility.

Video Analytics

Video analytics is a software solution that makes video surveillance systems smarter, and more accurate.

Licence Plate Recognition (LPR)

When we talk about capturing license plates, we're going to need a dedicated camera designed for that sole purpose. An LPR will take pictures and video of license plates. what sets the LPR apart is its ability to convert the picture of the license plate to text. It will then use that text to create a database of license plates entering and exiting your property.